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Delingpole: Nudie Protests Just Hide the Naked Truth About Climate Change – It’s a Massive Scam

Delingpole: A bunch of scrawny green activists – naked save for their reeky faux-leather thongs and patina of sweat, patchouli oil and essence of tofu – has invaded the House of Commons to demand that something be done about climate change.

This is so wrong.

If any one at all has the right to protest against Britain’s environmental policies, it’s not that tiny minority of green activists whose warped and ignorant opinion is forever being sought by our sad, desperate and craven political class. Rather, it’s the vast majority of us who are sick to the craw of being over-taxed, over-regulated and over-propagandised in the name of a non-existent problem.

Breitbart TV

‘Global warming’ is a man-made scare story.

The polar bears are doing so well they are in danger of becoming a plague.

The Pacific islands are not about to sink beneath the waves.

Bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes do far more obvious environmental damage than even coal-fired power stations.

Nuclear is far cleaner than renewable energy.

All normal, sensible people know this stuff which is why doing something about climate change comes very low on their list of priorities.

Yet in this bizarre Looking Glass world of ours, where values are inverted, and where the people with the least of value to say tend to make the most noise, climate change has become a political issue out of all proportion to its actual significance.

Britain’s supposedly Conservative government is as wedded to climate change as any of its Labour predecessors. The £300 billion Climate Change Act remains very much on the statute books, driving up the costs of living, hampering economic growth, sending the vulnerable into fuel poverty, making business less competitive, uglifying the landscape with expensive, nasty, inefficient solar and wind installations.

Not one senior member of the government dares speak out against the scam.

Nor is it easy to find anyone in the mainstream media reporting the issue accurately.