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Climate skeptic geologist suggests Apple removed his app because Al Gore sits on company’s board

Geologist Gregory Wrightstone has accused Apple, Inc., of removing his app from the Apple Store for political purposes, saying the company won’t allow views on climate change that run counter to those of global-warming activist Al Gore, who sits on Apple’s board.

What are the details?

Wrightstone wrote a book called “Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know,” which challenges many of the catastrophic claims made in Gore’s documentaries, “An Inconvenient Truth” and “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.”

Glenn Beck hosted the author on his show, Feb. 13, where Wrightstone discussed the information in his book, which was used to create an app made available for purchase by Apple on Feb. 3.

But just a month later, on March 4, Apple removed the “Inconvenient Facts” app from its store, despite it being downloaded several thousand times. (It is still available for Android users through the Google Play Store and has been downloaded roughly 13,000 times as of this writing.)

On Wednesday, Wrightstone wrote in PA Townhall that “it appears that Apple has chosen to weaponize its control over purchasing apps to stifle science that doesn’t conform to its politically correct notions.”

The geologist said, “The app contains more than 70 useful science-based charts and diagrams derived from well-respected sources such as NASA, NOAA or peer-reviewed studies. The information is a powerful tool that counters the ‘consensus’ of catastrophic man-made warming using science, facts and data.”

Gore has made tackling man-made global warming his mission since leaving office, and Wrightstone points to Gore’s position on Apple’s board of directors as one reason for why he believes his app is being censured by the company.

Anything else?

The Daily Signal‘s Kevin Mooney shared some of the facts presented in the Inconvenient Facts app, noting they run counter to much of what was presented in Gore’s documentary films:

● Inconvenient Fact No. 10: “Cites ‘Recent Inconvenient Pause of 18 years in warming, despite rise in CO2.'”

● Inconvenient Fact No. 12: “Modern warming began long before SUVs or coal-fired plants.”

● Inconvenient Fact No. 21: “The current warming trend is neither unusual nor unprecedented.”

● Inconvenient Fact No. 53: “There are more polar bears now than we’ve had for 50 years.”

The Daily Signal sought comment from Apple about Wrightstone’s allegations of political bias, but Apple had not responded by publication time.