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Bad timing: New ‘global warming’ study claims ‘lakes may spend winters ice free’ & ice fishing may become a ‘rare treat’

A new “global warming” study warning of “ice-free” lakes is being released during a historic cold spell that is shattering low-temperature records across the USA. See:  NEARLY 90% OF US BELOW-FREEZING & Chicago’s record for coldest temperature ever could fall

But a new climate modeling study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, released on January 28, 2019, claims that ice fishing, hockey, skating and skiing on frozen lakes are endangered by “global warming.”The study states that such “iconic cold-weather past-times could become a rare winter treat” due to “global warming.”

As the climate warms, tens of thousands of lakes may spend winters ice free: Excerpts: “In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, frozen lakes define the winter experience and create an indelible sense of place. From ice fishing and hockey to skating, skiing and snowmobiling, icy lakes enable communities to engage in activities that aren’t possible in warmer seasons or climates.

But these iconic cold-weather past-times could become a rare winter treat. A new study published today [Jan. 28, 2019] by an international team of researchers, including at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, shows that many northern latitude lakes are at risk of experiencing some ice-free winters in the coming decades. In some places, lake ice will disappear altogether by the end of the century.”

Climate blogger Tom Nelon ridiculed the study and its less than ideal timing: “Superb timing on the release of this UW-Madison warmist propaganda: ‘As the climate warms, tens of thousands of lakes may spend winters ice-free’