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Dog and Rabbit FROZEN to death while WALKING as temperatures drop to -56C

PICTURES of a dog and hare that froze to death in exceptionally cold weather in Kazakhstan have caused a storm from animal rights activists.
00:01, Fri, Jan 25, 2019 | UPDATED: 02:11, Fri, Jan 25, 2019

The animals were literally petrified by temperatures that plummeted as low as -56C.

Shock images show how the hare was frozen alive climbing through a fence – and had to be pulled free by locals.

It was mummified by the severe ice.

The dog appears to have died walking through a snow field.

Frozen animals
Brutal temperatures have seen animals freezing on their feet

The horrifying picture was captioned online as “frozen on the go”.

But animal rights activists say they suspect foul play over the rock-solid frozen dog.

They claim more should have been done to save helpless animals and insist the dog died from the cold but was not walking at the time.

One group warned: “In these terrible frosts we try to save every animal – around the clock with volunteers we go almost for all the cries for help.

“We warm the animals, feed them, and urgently take to vets.”

They claim the pictures are cruel in “having fun over the deaths” of animals.