The other side of the UN Global Warming Summit in Poland – Skeptics view

By: - Climate DepotDecember 19, 2018 3:57 PM

It’s been a whirlwind week covering the United Nations Global Warming summit in Katowice, Poland.


We weren’t allowed inside the cloistered, exclusive event because the Canadian government asked the United Nations to keep us out, but being banned has never stopped us before and this time was no different.

We took to the streets to expose a lot of elitist hypocrisy and we saw some crazy sights outside the conference.

We also made a life-changing pilgrimage to Auschwitz for half a day and met a fellow climate change skeptic journalist who was reporting from inside the conference.

Today, I’ll reflect on our coverage in Poland.

One thing I’ve certainly learned over the last three years crisscrossing the globe to United Nations climate change conferences is that these events are absolutely impossible to hold without extensive help from our old friend, fossil fuels.

Even if the dignitaries and delegates inside the conferences would love to pretend otherwise.