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At UN, Gore Demands ‘Ubiquitous’ Population Control for Climate

by Alex Newman

KATOWICE, Poland — Amid freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore arrived at the United Nations COP24 “climate change” summit to preach about a looming “dark age” and a “hell on earth” if humanity refuses to accept his solutions to alleged man-made global warming. “It is real!” Gore (shown) pleaded Wednesday. The climate alarmist also suggested the solution was simple: More restrictions on liberty and energy, more globalism, more extreme population-control measures, and a lower standard of living for people everywhere. Brushing aside U.S. President Donald Trump, who called the man-made warming hypothesis a “hoax,” Gore said he remained “optimistic” that skeptics of his theory would ultimately be defeated. In fact, the quasi-celebrity warmist said it was almost inevitable. But in reality, experts and critics say that may not be the case.

Calling the decision to create a UN climate regime “the single most important moral choice in the entire history of humanity,” Gore sounded like an overly dramatic doomsday preacher shouting at passers-by. “Will civilization descend into another dark age?” he asked, getting worked up. “Will we descend into a condition that future generations will describe as hell on earth?” Ironically, it was almost 10 years ago exactly that Gore predicted, citing supposed “scientists,” that the Arctic ice cap would melt completely. In the real world, the Arctic ice cap is still there, and doing just fine. The National Snow and Ice Data Center recently noted that ice extent was “increasing faster than average for most regions in November.” Gore did not mention his long track record of failed doomsday prophecies, though.

Instead, he went through a seemingly never-ending list of examples of bad weather while spewing a dizzying array of unsourced numbers and statistics clearly aimed at terrorizing gullible members of the audience. Among other claims, Gore argued that a number of cities, including some in the United States, were at risk of going under the sea. Gore did that despite the fact that UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s own sea-level rise expert, Dr. Nils-Axel Morner, resigned his post when the outfit refused to correct its false claims about alleged dangerous sea-level rises. “All talk about a disastrous sea level rise by 2100 is nothing but scaremongering and deliberate harassment of the public by the IPCC (2013, 2018) and its media proponents,” he saidrecently, calling the claim of rapid sea-level rise a “serious mistake.”

Gore made many similarly dishonest claims. For instance, he blamed global warming for civil war in Syria. He blamed “air pollution” for making Polish children dumber, dishonestly seeking to connect CO2, also known as the gas of life, to actual pollution. He even claimed global warming would make allergies worse. “98% of European cities could experience worse droughts by 2050,” Gore claimed. “Half of all the animals in all the world have gone since the 1970s!” he fumed. “Is that OK?” Gore showed scary images of ice melting in Greenland in the spring, as if there were something unusual about that. He also played a clip of a nuclear bomb exploding for emphasis. And pointing to the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico, Gore blamed alleged man-made warming, and said the response was an example of “environmental racism.”

Touting Pope Francis’ teachings on environmentalism, however, Gore went on to suggest that surrendering more money and power to the UN and governments under the guise of regulating CO2 would somehow make the climate stop changing so everyone could live in peace and security. “When you look at this image, it brings into focus what it really at stake in all of these negotiations,” the climate activist pleaded, showing an image of the earth from space while urging people to “change.” “The choice we as a world community have to make is the single most important moral choice in the entire history of humanity.”

If humanity refuses to comply with his demands, Gore warned of more terrors to come. And not just bad weather. For instance, Gore claimed that alleged man-made climate change caused the refugee waves, which caused the “damnable wave of populist authoritarianism” that is now supposedly infecting America and Europe. Examples of this included what he described as a “dumb mistake” by voters United Kingdom who voted to secede from the globalist European Union in Brexit. Obviously, the globalists in the audience clapped. He also slammed the Trump administration and other governments, especially those that refused to “welcome” the widely ridiculed UN IPCC report hyping the alleged threat from alleged man-made global-warming. More than a few segments of Gore’s speech were dedicated to demonizing Trump.

Among the solutions to the supposed “climate crisis,” Gore touted more and stricter population-control policies by government. Perhaps oblivious to the ghoulishness of his words, Gore praised the population-control regime operated by the government of India, which has been widely condemned as abusive and coercive. Showing a graph of China’s population, he also celebrated the policies of the mass-murdering dictatorship in Communist China, which operates a terror machine to enforce its barbaric population control that includes forced abortions and other horrors,often in cooperation with the UN. However, showing a graph of Africa’s population, Gore suggested that Africans were still having far too many babies. Despite lip-service to the pope and Catholicism, Gore demanded, among other tactics, that contraception be made “ubiquitously available” all over the world to help reduce the number of children.

Absent more extreme population-control schemes and drastic reductions in CO2 emissions, which are produced by everything from breathing to driving, Gore threatened that all manner of evils would befall humanity. He tried to terrorize the audience with claims that they would be overrun by Africans and Muslims from the Third World countries unless CO2 emissions were brought under UN control. That and never-ending bad weather — hurricanes, floods, droughts, heat waves, tornadoes, and more — will end life as humanity has known it, Gore claimed.

However, Gore said he remains optimistic. One reason why is that the world is in “the early stages of a sustainability revolution.” As part of this, Big Data and the “Internet of Things” and Artificial Intelligence — also conveniently the tools of totalitarian governments used to engage in mass surveillance against populations — would be crucial to this “revolution.” “This movement is unstoppable,” Gore claimed. “But it’s not happening fast enough to stop the climate crisis on time.” Still, he was optimistic. “The Paris Agreement gives me so much hope,” Gore declared, referring to the UN agreement signed by Obama in 2015 at the “climate” summit in Paris that would redistribute wealth and decimate American industry while boosting Communist China.

“Yes, President Trump announced that he wants to withdraw,” Gore conceded. “But under U.S. law and international law, we can’t withdraw until after the next election.” Of course, that is ludicrous. Obama’s “executive agreement” with the UN and its largely autocratic member regimes was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, and is unconstitutional on its face. Therefore, it is not binding on America. “But if there is a new president after the next election — excuse me for a moment (he solicited applause) — we can give notice and be right back in,” Gore declared, without noting that Trump’s approval rating at this point in his presidency is the same as Obama’s. The former VP also touted the “We’re still in” movement, in which certain states are still going along with the UN agreement. He did not say what he would think if states started a “We’re still out” movement in response to any effort to re-shackle America to the UN regime.