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UN colludes with climate protesters to disrupt & shut down Trump admin. pro-energy event at UN summit

Climate Depot Exclusive

KATOWICE — The United Nations gave its blessing to a massive climate protest during the Trump administration’s pro-energy event today at the climate summit (COP24) in Poland, according to the U.S. delegation. The UN pre-authorized and pre-planned the wide-scale interruption that shut down the Trump White House’s pro-fossil fuel event.

Officials from the U.S. delegation told Climate Depot on Monday that the UN informed the U.S.  that the environmental activists would be authorized by the UN  to disrupt the U.S. event for at least “7 minutes” and the green protesters would be granted the floor halt the event and give speeches during the U.S. event.

The UN’s support of the climate protesters was in marked contrast to how the UN  treated climate skeptics at the 2016 summit in Marrakech.  At that previous summit, armed UN climate cops shut down a press event by skeptics from the group CFACT. The event involved a lifesize cardboard cutout of then President-elect Trump and was immediately halted by the UN. The skeptics were stripped of their UN credentials and expelled the climate summit entirely. See: UN Armed Security Shuts Down Skeptics After SHREDDING UN Climate Treaty at Summit Next To Trump Cut-out 

Like clockwork, when U.S. Special Advisor the to President, P. Wells Griffith of the Energy Department was speaking, the protesters began to laugh and chant about how the Trump administration was “funny” because they did not want to keep coal, oil and gas “in the ground.”

The protesters chanted “keep it in the ground” (fossil fuel energy which accounts for over 80% of world energy) to both the Trump administration officials as well as the climate skeptics who were seated in the front row.

The UN-supported protesters verbally targeted “climate deniers” Marc Morano of CFACT’s Climate Depot and author of the new skeptical book, and CFACT’s Craig Rucker and Adam Houser as well as author and writer Rupert Darwall, all of whom were sitting in the front row.

Climate protesters yelled at the climate skeptics, calling them “deniers” and “profiteers” and they also declared that “nuclear energy is genocide.”

CFACT president Craig Rucker commented, “It almost seems like the UN, by giving its stamp of approval to the protesters, it trying to punish President Trump for withdrawing from the UN Paris climate pact.”

When the “skeptic” Darwall responded to the protesters “rubbish,” there were calls to remove him immediately. “It tells you everything you need to know about their utter artificiality,” Darwall said.  “The one thing you can’t do at UN climate conference is heckle the hecklers. Instead, people are forced to listen to their childish ranting and be prevented from hearing what serious people on the platform had to say,” Darwall added. 

“There should be an open and vigorous debate and it doesn’t help of the U.N. appears to have a dog in the race,” Kevin Mooney, an investigative journalist from Washington D.C. told Climate Depot.  Mooney added that instead of taking sides, the UN should hold a “detached, dispassionate position where protests are concerned.”

[Note: The climate skeptics attending this year’s annual UN climate summit have been met with a hostile reaction, including threats. See: Climate Depot’s Morano receives more threats on eve of arrival at UN climate summit: Excerpt: Hate mail to Morano: “I cannot wait for the day you die and are sent straight to hell, in fact I pray for it every day. From now on you will receive an email from me once a day until you are dead. Dont try to block me as I will just make a new email. Go f*ck your mother.”]

Climate activists attending the summit suggested Morano should be barred from the UN climate summit.  “Slime like you shouldn’t be allowed in the front door,” declared climate activist Adam McGibbon to Morano.

See: ‘Shame on You’: Campaigners Disrupt US Fossil Fuel Event Attended by ‘Climate Science Deniers’

Marc Morano (red shirt) and Craig Rucker (green shirt) attending the US pro-fossil fuel event at COP24. Image credit: Leo Hickman

Sitting in the front row were a string of notorious American climate science deniers. This included science deniers Marc Morano and Craig Rucker, the executive director of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).

Sitting beside them was Rupert Darwall, who recently wrote a report for the UK-based climate science denying Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), criticising the UK Climate Change Act for being “a social and economic burden”.

George David Banks, a former energy advisor to the Trump administration, also sat amongst them.

Pointing at the panel as well as Morano and his peers, campaigners shouted “shame on you” before walking out, leaving the room more than half empty. (end article excerpt)


Special advisor to President Trump P. Wells Griffith and CFACT President Craig Rucker