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New Study: The Illusive Flooding of New York City – Sea level rise is NOT in ‘a phase of rapid rise’


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Journal of Environmental Sciences
Volume 1| Issue 2
Research Article Open Access
The Illusive Flooding of New York City
*Corresponding author: Nils-Axel Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics, Stockholm, Sweden; Email: [email protected]
Citation: Nils-Axel (2018). The Illusive Flooding of New York City: Nessa J Environmental Sciences.
Received: 10th October 2018, Accepted: 18th October 2018, Published: 5
th November 2018
Copyright: © 2018 Nils-Axel al.

Morner was the past president of the INQUA Commission on Sea level changes and coastal dynamics (1999-2003), chairman of the INTAS project on Geomagnetism and Climate (1997-2003), leader of the International Sea Level project in the Maldives (2000-2005) and president of the Independent Committee on Geoethics (2015-2018). I acknowledge important progress of evidence-based science at the Climate Conferences in London in 2016 and in
Porto, Portugal, in 2018 (,