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Former Harvard U. Physicist rejects new UN IPCC report: ‘I am no longer reading this garbage’ – ‘Similar claims are on par with the spam about penis enlargement’

By Dr. Lubls Motl

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The boys have cried wolf too many times

A decade ago, I would probably read the press release in its entirety – plus several pages of the full report that I would pick as important or representative. The climate hysteria was already perfectly understood to be pseudoscientific hogwash promoted by left-wing activists. But there was still something new in it, something that provoked us, something we were afraid of.

I am no longer reading this garbage – and neither does an overwhelming majority of the people. There’s absolutely no true, useful, or original content in this stuff. Almost identical predictions have been proven incorrect hundreds of times. Self-described “climate scientists” and their public faces such as Al Gore have been predicting the end of the world for 2000, 2009, 2010, 2015, and every other year. Jehovah’s Witnesses can no longer compete in the number of these failed predictions of the end of the world. Nothing that would even remotely resemble their doomsday predictions has ever materialized.

These days, similar claims are on par with the spam about penis enlargement. Who was interested in such things has probably undergone the procedure, whatever it is. Others just treat it as the pollution in their mailboxes, newspapers, and on TV screens.


The IPCC has just published a “special report 15”press releaseFAQSummary for abusers in politicsTwitter hash tagGoogle News.

I believe that the number 15 identifying the report only refers to 1.5 °C, a revived temperature change that is promoted – not for the first time. Well, maybe I missed 14 similar previous reports. (I only know the numbering of the IPCC reports that recently ended with 5 or so.) OK, these people repeat their screaming that the Earth is frying and collapsing, tropical forests and everything else will evaporate by 2030 if not by the next Christmas, we need to stop our civilization more abruptly than previously claimed and reduce our planned temperature increase from 2 °C to 1.5 °C. And the temperature change must be measured not relatively to the pre-industrial era but relatively to a new randomly chosen period, 1850-1900.

Well, I don’t even have energy to repeat more of this stuff. We’ve been bombarded by effectively equivalent garbage hundreds of times, the specifics of the newest report are completely irrelevant and uncorrelated with any events, insights, or new scientific evidence. All this fearmongering is just a random mutation of nonsense that everyone has seen many times, with some completely irrelevant and random new noise. One example of such noise is that these folks try to revive and praise biofuels again – many years after even Al Gore has admitted that the promotion of biofuels has been a giant and harmful blunder. In the absence of any genuine evidence, should we pay any attention to some random people’s effort to resuscitate this completely misguided direction in the fuel industry? Also, these new authors label nuclear energy “dangerous”. Anti-nuclear, pro-biofuel: the only thing you can say is that the IPCC was retaken by some of the even more unhinged green activists than during the previous reports.

The Earth’s climate is not threatened at all. The forest area was increasing in recent decades – by as much as 35% in Europe, mostly due to the reforestation of Eastern Europe. There is absolutely nothing special about 1850-1900 or about 1.5 °C or about 2 °C. Nothing special will happen when some temperature change reaches 1.5 °C or 2 °C. We won’t even be able to pinpoint that moment, not even with a decadal accuracy, not even with the most precise apparatuses, and not even with additional decades of hindsight. Even a warming by 10 °C would be safe but we’re pretty sure that we can’t get more than 1-2 °C in a century, the same change that has occurred in the recent 100 years and led to no clearly enough negative developments.

The tropical forests are also doing fine. The climate is more stable in these climatic zones. On top of that, the forests themselves create a local, even more stable climate for the flora and fauna that lives under the trees. There is simply zero justification for any kind of climate-related worries. The people spreading this ideology still believe in the efficiency of Goebbels’ “The lie that is repeated 100 times becomes the truth”.

But I no longer think that this stuff is efficient. This fearmongering is just spam and almost all people treat it like spam. The number of people who are inclined to be attracted by it is negligible and it is not growing. Only the people who consider themselves to be obedient soldiers of any far left-wing movement pay lip service to that junk but they don’t really believe it, either. Just look at the attractiveness of this stuff through an example on the web. Take the U.S. government’s most famous technological institution – yes, it’s NASA, the men who sent 12 other men on the Moon – and its department for climate hysteria. Yes, I am talking NASA’s GISS.

Who is the boss of it right now? Yes, it’s Gavin Schmidt, the successor of James Hansen. Did he promote the “special report”? Yes, he did. He promoted it on the professional climate fearmongers’ most important website, the Real Climate, funded by the wealthiest manipulator with the information in the world, George Soros, in 2004. How influential is Use Alexa to see that Real Climate is less influential than this blog.

But surely the special IPCC report about the looming end of the world changes this arithmetics, doesn’t it?

OK, here is Gavin Schmidt’s Real Climate blog post about this new special report about the Armageddon that is around the corner. It is short and you can see that he was frustrated when he was writing it – it was just another waste of time when he repeated all these superstitions that no one believes, not even himself. What is the reaction of the public to this NASA’s #1 fearmonger with an amplifier provided by George Soros?

After two days, the article has 10 comments. None of them commenters seems really interested in this stuff anymore, either. The IPCC wants to dramatically change the behavior of 7+ billion people but they can’t find more than 10 people in the world who would actually be attracted by such an idea. Not even a quote by a recent Berlin marathon winner at the end of Schmidt’s text allowed him to attract readers. But the previous sentence of mine will actually double the number of his readers! 😉

Message to all climate fearmongers: Give it up. This unscientific movement has already peaked in 2009, it has been dying a slow and painful death for about a decade, and you will be much happier if you accelerate it and make the climate hysteria die quickly and abruptly. If you help to accelerate this dying, if you will help all the sane people to expose how utterly idiotic and corrupt this movement has been, you will feel much happier. And you will also save lots of money because it may cost you, George Soros, a million dollars to brainwash another person – and most of these converts are just inconsequential simpletons. Climate fearmongers, you’ve become some of the most dishonest as well as useless people in the Earth’s history.