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Al Roker: Fewer hurricanes ‘because of rapidly melting icecaps due to climate change, the sea surface temps in tropical Atlantic are much colder than average’

Maybe someday politicians, journalists, bureaucrats, educators and others will notice that the predictions of doom and gloom about the climate are very flexible and it is pure garbage to say the science is settled and the only way to protect the planet and survive is to hand trillions of dollars to the government so they can pretend to control temperatures, sea levels and storm activity forever. What a joke.

I saw Al Roker on NBC say two of the stupidest and funniest things on climate change this month.

One morning it was hot and dry in the West, a little colder and dry in the Midwest and cooler and wetter than normal in the Northeast and he said all those were because of climate change (instead of being just weather.)

Then, when the Hurricane Center reduced its predictions on hurricanes for this year Roker sought to explain it instead of just admitting that storm activity is always cyclical and it is just a guess each year how many we have.

Roker actually said that the reason for fewer Hurricanes is that the ice melting in the Arctic because we are causing global warming has caused the water off of Africa to be colder than normal and that is causing fewer hurricanes. So why didn’t the predictors know that and why was 2017 active, since I assume the ice melts every year?

“And just in, we have an update for our hurricane season 2018 from the National Hurricane Center….the August update is that we’ve got a 60% chance of a below-normal hurricane season. That would be great news,” Roker announced during a weather report in the 7:30 a.m. ET half hour. He then explained the cause:

There are a couple of reasons for this. Unfortunately, because of the rapidly melting icecaps due to climate change, the sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic are much colder than average. So, all that ice, that literally ice water coming into the Atlantic, keeping things cool. And a developing El Nino may actually increase wind shear, basically, tear apart storms as they come off the coast of Africa.

We have been told for decades that sharks and other sea creatures are moving North because the oceans are getting warmer because of global warming, but now we are told that the water is colder in the Atlantic because of global warming. I guess the cold water from Alaska skips most of the Atlantic Ocean and just heads to Africa. I hope everyone understands and has no questions. I can imagine the other personalities at NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN nodding in agreement with Roker and being amazed at his brilliance.

When the climate doesn’t match the predictions the media and other global warming zealots just change and manipulate the data.

I would suggest that Al Roker conduct an experiment. Throw an ice cube in an Olympic sized swimming pool and see if it cools it down.

Alaska is 8,600 miles from Africa and the Atlantic Ocean contains 82 billion billion gallons. Does anyone think some ice melting in Alaska, traveling 8,600 miles while warming up will have a material if any effect at all on the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean and control the number of hurricanes which fluctuate each year?

We all should be skeptical of every study they read and ask logical questions. It is a shame that so many supposed journalists just repeat what they are told without any questions and just regurgitate that the science is settled and do everything they can to shut up anyone who disagrees.