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Winter refuses to die in Europe as kids’ ‘summer’ camp evacuated due to snow

Where’s The Warming! Summer Snow Blankets Poland/Ukraine…27 ‘Summer’ Camp Children Evacuated!


Winter refuses to die as large parts of the northern hemisphere like Labrador and Eastern Europe get blanketed by unusual summer snow. Arctic ice volume reaches 13-year high, Greenland snow mass balance explodes, and tropical Atlantic is “coldest on record”.

Where’s the warming!

The Arctic and North Atlantic have suddenly turned surprisingly cold. First, according to Weatherbell meteorologist Joe Bastardi, the northern Atlantic has turned cold; so cold in fact that Bastardi called it “impressive”:

Source: cropped from Weatherbell

“impressive”…coldest Atlantic on record (since 1982)

All the Atlantic cold could have a big (positive) impact on the upcoming hurricane season, says hurricane expert Philip Klotzbach. One week ago Klotzbach tweeted:

Canada shivers, “unprecedented” this late in June

Also much of Canada has been cold and the forecast for the next 15 days shows little warming. Labrador was hit severely by a winter storm just days ago.

According to the CBC: “6 feet of snow around Labrador lodge ‘unprecedented’ this late in June. This is the latest in the season to have this much snow at Igloo Lake Lodge, says operator.”

As the following chart shows, there’s no relief from the cold there in sight:

Source: Cropped at Weatherbell.

Labrador may not get a summer, most snow in 50 years

At Friday’s Weatherbell Daily Update, Joe Bastardi said: “Boy, I’ll tell you what. Canada is just not getting a break. There it’s just really cold. And it’s still plenty cold up here in Labrador where they haven’t had a summer at all, and they may not!”

Just days ago the Weather Channel here reported that there was still six feet of snow: The headline: “Labrador, Canada, Hasn’t Seen This Much Snow in June in 50 Years.”

Summer snow falls in summer…in Poland/Ukraine!

Yesterday, on the second day of summer, snow fell in Poland! according to Severe Weather Europe at Facebook.

In Ukraine in the Karpaten 27 children had to be rescued from summer camp by emergency crews as “several centimeters of snow fell and temperatures dropped near freeing,” the German Weser Kurier herereports.

Arctic ice and snow sees impressive rebound

Looking at the Arctic, Japanese skeptic blogger Kirye tweeted here that the sea ice volume remains strong, and is even a bit above the 2004-2013 mean.

Chart source:

All of this is much to the detriment of the latest Ship of Fools episode, where activists have chartered Russian ship “Akademik Ioffe“ with the aim of carrying out another climate-change publicity stunt later this summer. There’s a real risk the mission might produce the opposite of what they intend. We’re all watching.

Arctic ice volume 13-year high!

Prominent climate skeptic Tony Heller also posted here the following chart showing that Arctic ice volume has rebounded over the past years and stands at a thirteen year high, the prominent climate critic and skeptic .

Source: Tony Heller, Real Climate Science.

Greenland ice mass explodes

Finally, Schneefan here, citing data from the Danish Meteorological Institute, reports that the Greenland ice mass balance has grown well above average this year.

Source: DMI.

Schneefan reports that mass balance has has exploded “to over 600 billion tonnes since September 1, 2017” and is 50 billion tonnes over the mean and 100 billion tonnes above the 2012 level at this time.

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