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$135K NYT private jet vacation preaches that ‘unsustainable’ consumption killed Easter Island

New York Times columnist Nick Kristof claims overconsumption destroyed Easter Island — while leading a private jet tour for elite Times readers at $135,000 per ticket.

The Times tweeted:

.@NickKristof writes from Easter Island, a remote speck in the South Pacific that can teach us about what happens when humans over-exploit their resources 

The immense statues of Easter Island were once credited to space aliens, but scientists and historians concluded they were built by islanders over hundreds of years.

Opinion | A Parable of Self-Destruction

Easter Island’s demise is a lesson for the world.

The tweet linked to Kristof’s column that claimed the mysterious island was ruined because:

“…the environment was fragile and they kept up old ways that were unsustainable”

Twitter readers would have to click on the linked article and read most of the way through before Kristof briefly mentions why he was there:

“I came to Easter Island while leading a tour for The New York Times Company, and those of us in the group were staggered by the statues — but also by the reminder of the risks when a people damages the environment that sustains it.”

What Kristof didn’t say was that the Times trip is a spectacular example of over-consumption in itself:

A $135,000 private jet tour of the world for the most well-heeled Times enthusiasts, who insist on nothing less than a private 757 jet to take them on a luxurious tour of the world that would make even a billionaire like the Times’sowner, Carlos Slim, blush.