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Record cold and snow around the globe linked to ‘global warming’

Via: – Compiled by Robert W. Felix

Blizzard could dump up to 3 feet of snow on Dublin – Thousands in Dublin already without power. ‘Exceptionally high’ snowfall expected in Leinster, Munster, and Galway, says Irish Times headline. “The worst snow seen for 35 years.” Up to a meter of snow could accumulate in parts of Dublin over the coming days as blizzard-like conditions sweep across the State, a Met Éireann forecaster said.The State was put under the highest weather warning, a red alert, with the worst snow seen for 35 years forecast

21 new Norwegian cold records – “It’s pretty cold here in Denmark but colder still in Norway.

UK running short of gas – “Here in the UK we are running short of gas,” says reader John Calvert. “Demand is greater than supply.”

Record snow and cold in Croatia – Nearly 2 meters (6 ft) of snow in some areas.

Potentially life-threatening blizzard for the Sierra – Up to 5 feet of snow

Greater Lake Tahoe Area – Including the cities of South Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Stateline, and Incline Village

Deadly cold in Europe – Gas export record – 41 people dead (so far): 18 in Poland, six in the Czech Republic, five in Lithuania, four in France, four in Slovakia, two in Romania, two in Italy, seven in Estonia.Read more

New Paper Shows Arctic Sea Ice Has Been INCREASING Overall Since The 1930s


The warmists blame ‘global warming’ for record cold and snow: 

James Delingpole: Big Freeze Means Global Warming Is Worse Than Ever, Alarmists Warn – Swathes of Europe and North America have been hit by blizzards. They’re having snowball fights outside the Colosseum in Rome. Scotland is closed. The sheep outside my garden are buried in white stuff…So how lucky we are at times like these to have the liberal media explain to us dullards what’s really going on.

Claim: Global Warming causes Siberian cold snaps

Latest Data Show Winters In European Alps Are Cooling, Proving Climate Scientists Wrong!

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