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Rush Limbaugh Touts Climate Depot: Run by Morano who ‘used to be — when I had the TV show — Our Man in Washington – Warmist ‘arguments blown to smithereens’ on Depot

CALLER: So I wanted to call and I wanted to ask you, what’s the best place for research or resources and what are your general suggestions?

RUSH: Okay. I’m gonna give you two websites here, and they both are wide-ranging. You can go as technical as you want or as untechnical. The first website is called Climate Depot, and it’s run by a guy named Marc Morano, who used to be — when I had the TV show — Our Man in Washington. He was our roving reporter that approached Democrats drunk coming out of the parties late at night to ask ’em questions that we would then use on a TV show. He now runs that website, Climate Depot.

What it is, is it’s a combination of his opinion on things but it’s a great aggregation of so many stories — mostly of the radical, unbelievable apocalyptic kind — and it is great reference point for you. You’ll be able to find whatever you want. You’ll be able to find people who advocate for it and have their arguments blown to smithereens. You’ll be able to find people that don’t believe in it and their reasons why.

The other website, our official climatologist here is a professor at the University of Alabama of Huntsville, his name is Roy Spencer and his website is, all one word there, What is your…? Did this professor give you or your teacher a specific assignment or just a general assignment on climate change, or do you pick the topic and then you get to say whatever you want about it?