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U.S. Government Scientist Praises Trump’s EPA Transition Head Myron Ebell

Myron Ebell – Helping the Poor and the Disadvantaged

By Dr. Brian Valentine

When President Obama took office, he was perceived as an advocate for the less fortunate of society. And in many cases this has been true.

An unfortunate contradiction was evidenced with President Obama’s promise to make electricity prices “skyrocket.”

Access to electric power and affordable energy are necessities of human life, and there are no serious arguments to the contrary. We read of the poor freezing to death in the winter in Germany and other European countries because they are unable to pay their energy bills.

Neither Myron Ebell nor I will stand for such a thing happening in the USA. Myron Ebell has been demonized by a leftist media as a “denier” of very shoddy “science” that has not explained an historical Earthly climate and has never accounted for an observation. All anecdotal “evidence” of “climate change” has been observed previously and in fact cyclically with natural climate cycles.

Myron Ebell will continue to serve all of the USA, and in particular the poorest of poor, and regardless of criticism. History, and everyone who uses energy in one form or another, whether to use a smart phone, travel by anything that involves a motor, or expects light and heat in the nighttime will come to regard what Myron expects to do as the benefit of the society.

Brian Gregory Valentine – The author is am engineering physicist employed by the US Government and the University of Maryland.