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Huh? Dem says Trump policy to allow ‘Saudi Arabia, Russia’ to build pipelines into US


Speaking on RT News, Nebraska Democrat Party Leader Jane Kleeb says that Donald Trump’s pipeline approval polices are “obviously very dangerous” claiming that Saudi Arabia or Russia could build pipelines straight into the United States. Kleeb: “He’s being reckless.”

DEMOCRAT PARTY CHAIR JANE KLEEB: “Trump is saying that he is going to get rid of the executive order that requires the State Department to review any pipeline that crosses our U.S. border. And, that’s obviously very dangerous because if he does that, that means that a pipeline from Saudi Arabia, Russia, whoever, that wants to cross into the United States, would literally have no federal oversight, no review, no environmental review. No federal agency right now other than the State Department reviews those pipelines when it crosses one of our borders. So he’s being reckless.”

RT America
December 1, 2016