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Skeptical scientists crash UN climate summit, praise Trump for ‘bringing science back again’


MARRAKECH, Morocco — A team of international scientists crashed the UN climate summit in Marrakech and welcomed the election of Donald Trump as a way to bring positive reforms to climate science.  The three scientists from Paraguay, Norway and Sweden, were granted a presentation by the UN to present the skeptical climate change view and they praised Trump for rejecting the UN “global warming” claims. The three scientists were also hopeful that Trump’s presidency will help end the politicized UN climate agenda.

Agro-Biologist Dr. Albrecht Glatzle of Paraguay was especially encouraged by the election of the climate skeptic Trump to the presidency.

“I have very much hope that his election will be the initialization of a turnaround in science relating to climate change,” Glatzle, the Director científico de INTTAS inParaguay, told Climate Depot at the UN summit.

Glatzle advice for Trump is simple: “Go straight ahead with your plans to this end the politicized climate agenda and bring the science back again to its place.”

“If someone like Trump is prepared to cut off the endless climate change funding promoting fear, I am very in favor it,” Glatzle said.

“I hope Trump withdraws the United States from the UN climate agreement. The UN climate treaty is based on an illusion,” he explained.

“You cannot adjust the climate just by turning the CO2 button. It’s an illusion to believe the UN can adjust the climate to a desired temperature,” he added.

Glatzle warned that money has corrupted climate science and the agenda.

“Even in my country of Paraguay, ministers see a lot of money from climate agenda. They are prepared to accept the UN climate claims because they will get money,” he explained.

“Actually the UN is promoting distorted science. There are plenty of scientists — I know quite a number around the world — that do support a contrary position to what the UN claims,” Glatzle added.

Prominent Swedish Geologist Dr. Nils Axel Morner is very encouraged by Trump’s presidential victory.

“Trump is a clever guy. And he has picked up on the fact that something is basically very wrong with the media and the UN’s global warming claims,” Morner, who headed the Department of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics at Stockholm University, told Climate Depot following his scientific presentation at the UN on November 17.

Morner is hopeful that Trump can free climate science of from only the UN “consensus” view.

“Studies that don’t agree, they will not publish them. Now with a President Trump, they should not be allowed to go on screening out skeptics and discriminating against scientists who don’t toe the line. We have a benefit from Trump’s victory: We scientists may see a liberation from this unscientific closing of journals.

Morner explained that the UN’s climate panel is basically a lobbying organization.

“The UN started wrong. The whole UN IPCC project was to find to prove CO2 is dangerous. But the UN started with the answer and you cannot do that in science. Instead, you must search for something and then you get something, hopefully,” he explained.

“But the UN began by telling us what the answer should be (CO2 needs to be controlled) and then all the political ideas were pushed to ‘solve the crisis’ and now it is a big industry– it is a huge industry,” Morner said.

Trump “is completely correct about global warming and he should continue to push back against climate activists,” Morner explained. “CO2 is not something bad, it is a fertilizer, it is not a pollutant and Trump has correctly picked up on this,” he added.

Morner and the other scientists urged Trump to withdraw from the UN climate treaty. “Of course. There must be a Clexit from that,” Morner said. (Clexit refers to an exit from the UN Paris agreement.)

“The UN is misleading and totally wrong on carbon dioxide. Enormous amounts of money are just being thrown into the sea,” he added.

Norwegian Astrophysicist Professor Jan-Erik Solheim, emeritus of the Institute of Physics at the University of Tromso, said a Trump presidency can help free up scientific journals into not censoring studies that go against the UN climate change narrative.

“We know many skeptical scientists, but many of them are silent and cannot speak out and cannot publish their work undermining” the UN’s climate claims Solheim told Climate Depot.

“Trump’s victory is very promising. We can get real science back in the field,” he added.

In addition, another scientist spoke out in favor of Trump while the UN climate summit was being held in Morocco.

UK astrophysicist & Meteorologist Piers Corbyn declared Trump’s views on climate change are ‘excellent’.

When speaking on LBC, Corbyn said of “global warming”: “It was Obama’s stupidest achievement,” referring to the UN Paris Climate Agreement.

Piers also defended Trump’s past tweet about China “inventing” climate change, according to the UK Express.

Corbyn: “I think what Trump means by that is that the Chinese make a lot of money out of it because they build all those wind farms that were putting up which we’re paying for.”

“The Chinese are making money hand over fist,” Corbyn added.


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