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Watch: Bill Nye compares use of fossil fuels to human slavery: ‘Detriment’ to the future

Refusing to acknowledge any benefit of fossil fuels, Bill Nye instead compares their use to the “limitless energy in the form of human slaves” that built ancient Pompeii.

MARC MORANO: “Do you acknowledge fossil fuels have been one of the greatest liberators of man kind?”

BILL NYE: “Have you been to Pompeii? And, this is not changing the subject? Pompeii is extraordinary. The ancient Romans built this amazing place that’s still amazing because they had limitless energy in the form of human slaves. So [laughs], it’s– having limitless energy for your populous is great, but you don’t want to have it to the detriment of the future. It’s fundamental, Mr. Morano…


Bill Nye the ‘science guy’ says modern revolution akin to ‘human slavery’ – Challenges Skeptic to Temperature Bet