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Climate Skeptics on ‘historic’ UN treaty: ‘Does this mean we never have to hear about ‘solving’ global warming again!?’

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No Trick’s Zone’s Pierre Gosselin: ‘New UN ‘Historical Draft’ Is Delusional …Will Go Down In History As Certificate Of Madness – Reading it I couldn’t help but think this is a document of madness. Global temperature cannot be regulated. It’s delusional to think so. Unless you’re going to make money from it, why would anyone want to sign it and ensure a place in history’s Laughing Stock Hall of Fame?’

Morano in USA Today OpEd: Thinking UN accords can control the climate is ‘bordering on belief in witchcraft’

Paris climate change deal will not stop polar bears dying due to THICK ice in spring – “Thick spring ice due to natural causes is currently the single biggest threat to polar bears. Notdeclining summer sea ice – thick spring ice.”


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2015 will likely end as the least-deadly tornado year on record in U.S.

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