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Watch: Sen. Whitehouse: I hope Dept of Justice sues ‘vast climate denial apparatus’

Speaking to the League of Conservation Voters, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse expresses his want for the US Department of Justice to sue those that are skeptical of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.
SENATOR SHELDON WHITEHOUSE: “But, this vast denial apparatus that propagates the false doubt, that props up the phony science, that gets these yahoos who can’t survive peer-reveed [sic], peer-reviewed scrutiny onto Fox News, onto the cable shows, saying that their scientists, they create an artificial conflict about this and that’s why I think there’s doubt.  A lot of people haven’t seen through the scam that’s being perpetrated. So that’s one of the reasons I hope that we get another lawsuit out of the Department of Justice, like the one they brought against the tobacco industry that showed that that whole fraudulent scam was a racketeering enterprise, held them accountable for it.”
LCV live stream interview
May 21, 2015