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Paper: ‘Osama bin Laden cared more about global warming than James Inhofe’
A letter from bin Laden — which is believed to have been written in 2010 — reveals that he was perturbed by the lack of an adequate response to the millions of people affected by floods in Pakistan, which left 2,000 dead.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Indeed, what our Ummah is experiencing, of effects associated with the enormous climate changes and the great suffering the natural disasters are leaving behind that now become prevalent throughout the Muslim countries, renders the traditional relief efforts insufficient. Relief work is mentioned as the only solution for these disasters, without warning that it is a plague or suffering from Allah Almighty, and the first solution is faith and correct deeds. One of the correct deeds is assisting Muslims.
Bin Laden even proposed establishing a ”permanent relief organization” to help poor areas deal ”with such more frequent, diverse and massive consequences of climate changes.”