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Physicist rebukes New Yorker Mag. for claiming Pope Francis ‘would be a better science point man than Inhofe or Cruz’

Dr. Thomas P. Sheahen, an MIT educated physicist and author of the book “An Introduction to High-Temperature Superconductivity.” Sheahen is the writer of the popular newspaper column “Ask the Everyday Scientist.” Sheahen is featured as one of the more than 1000 dissenting scientists from man-made global warming.

Dr. Tom Sheahen

Dear Editor:

Re: New Yorker Writer: Pope Francis Would Be a Better Science Point Man Than Inhofe or Cruz

One word sums up this article: CONFLATION

The purpose of this article is to slam Senators Inhofe and Cruz, painting them as goofy fundamental creationists. The author selects some words from the Pope in order to buttress his case.

The reality is that Inhofe’s opposition to the alarmists who blame global warming on CO2 is based on fully competent science; and the claimed “international scientific consensus” absolutely does not exist.  Thousands of us with advanced degrees in the hard sciences agree that CO2 is a non-problem, and we are appalled by the EPA’s attempts to overreach, violate the law, and regulate coal out of existence.

Everything about global warming, climate change, and the EPA has nothing whatsoever to do with creationism.  But this author tries to build such an association using the technique of conflation. Alert readers should not fall for that trick.

As for Bobby Jindal ducking a question: that’s standard politics, where you don’t needlessly antagonize some of your constituents. Every successful office-holder does that sort of thing.  Again, this author deliberately constructs his article so as to make Jindal appear to be in opposition to the Pope.

I well remember presidential science adviser Jerome Weisner, president of MIT in my day.  He and colleagues were far better scientists than Obama’s science advisor John Holdren, who is most famous as a co-author with Paul Ehrlich, the “Population Bomb” guru who has been proved wrong, wrong, wrong for decades.  Eisenhower, Kennedy et al. actually wanted advice about science; Obama only wants confirmation of what he already believes in, viz., the evil of coal.

Thomas  P.  Sheahen