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Hulk Actor: Questioning Gore & DiCaprio’s carbon footprint ‘defies the spirit’ of the climate march – ‘That is a question you shouldn’t be asking here today’

Climate Depot Exclusive

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[Update: Watch Leonardo DiCaprio avoid the question about no global warming for 17 years.  Watch here.]

New York City – Actor Mark Ruffalo declared certain questions off limits to the media today at the People’s Climate March in New York City.

During the media availability press event, Ruffalo was asked in a one-on-one interview with Climate Depot if celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, who boasts that he will fly around the world to fight global warming and former VP Al Gore,  are the best spokesmen for global warming given their huge carbon footprints. (See: Leo DiCaprio: ‘The Argument Is Over. Climate Change Is Happening Now’)

“Oh brother. That is a question you shouldn’t be asking here today because that defies the spirit of what this is about,” Ruffalo told Climate Depot. The interview was conducted for the upcoming climate documentary Climate Hustle.

Ruffalo starred in the Hulk film series and has been a climate activist. See: Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo Claims Oil Causes Typhoons: ‘What happened in the Philippines must be stopped. Fossil fuels are enemy #1 to mankind’ & Warmist Actor Mark Ruffalo: ‘We demand that the President & Congress act against Climate Change as they have acted against Saddam Husein, Bin Laden, and Hitler for that matter’

“That is a kind of a mental Jujutsu — that question. The fact of the matter is why — if they did not have any power, why are they attacking people like Leonardo DiCaprio?”

An agitated Ruffalo continued: “The fact of the matter is Leonardo DiCaprio’s voice carries farther than anyone one of those politicians,  even the President. And that is significant and he knows he has a responsibility to the people in the world to get this message out because he feels in his heart it is right.”

“Anyone who attacks Leonardo DiCaprio is either a coward or an ideologue,” he added. [Note: Audio/Video available of Ruffalo’s interview]

DiCaprio has been criticizied for his oversized lifestlye.

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