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UN Lead Author Michael Oppenheimer Admits to Congress Climate Science Not ‘Settled’: ‘The question of exactly how warm the Earth will become as a result (of rising CO2), that’s not’ settled

2318 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 | May 29, 2014 11:00am

Examining the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Process


The following statements were made during the Q&A session of the May 29th House hearing: 

Michael Oppenheimer: ‘Some things are more or less settled, some things are not. The question of whether carbon dioxide is 30 to 40 percent above pre-industrial times, that’s settled. The question of exactly how warm the Earth will become as a result, that’s not.’ Oppenheimer refused to defend the 97% claims. ‘Whether the 97% is defensible, I really don’t know.’

(Climate Depot Note: Oppenheimer was a paid partisan of the environmental pressure group Environmental Defense and the climatologist to the Hollywood stars. Oppenheimer was the holder of the “Barbra Streisand Chair of Environmental Studies” at the Environmental Defense Fund. Streisand explained: “My Foundation started supporting climate change work in 1989, when I donated a quarter of a million dollars to support the work of Oppenheimer at EDF.)

Oppenheimer referred to global warming skeptics as “the fringes” during the hearing, prompting California GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to chastise him for his comment.
Rohrabacher told Oppenheimer that his comments “lead one to believe that the people on [the IPCC] with outside views are ‘fringes’. Again, it’s an attitude I find overwhelming with those pushing the global warming theory.’
Other scientists comments on global warming ‘consensus’ claims:

UN IPCC Lead Author & University of Sussex economist Dr. Richard Tol: ‘Science is, of course, never settled.’ Tol added: ‘The 97% estimate is bandied about by basically everybody.  I had a close look at what this study really did. as far as I can see, The estimate just crumbles when you touch it. None of the statements in the papers are supported by the data that’s in the paper. The 97% is essentially pulled from thin air, it is not based on any credible research whatsoever.’

Dr. Roger Pielke Sr., professor emeritus in meteorology at Colorado State University: ‘The science is not settled, no.’

Climate Researcher Dr. Daniel Botkin: ‘I have spent my life looking at facts and analyzing facts…It’s the wrong point about how many people approve, that is not science.’

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